Octopress 3.0

The next version of Octopress (3.0) is nearing release and is in beta now. I’ve switched this blog over to using the new version and it’s been great. It’s a pretty radical change from the previous version, but for me, this is exactly what I wanted Octopress to be originally. It’s highly modularized and lightweight, with a new deployment plugin that can natively push to S3 as well as github. Octopress at it’s core is now nicely separated from your Jekyll design. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate that Octopress is now about extending Jekyll as opposed to being highly intertwined with it. I’ll write more about my experience in a future post, but I wanted to get a quick complement out to those working on Octopress 3.0. Love the new direction, keep up the great work!

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