About the Author

Hi, I'm Andrew Winder, and I write here about technologies that I encounter in my day-to-day work, as well as comment on interesting news about the industry in general. I also post links to articles & projects that I'm working with or that I find interesting, and that I think others might find interesting too. I might even use this site to talk about my own open-source projects one day, if I can manage to actually drive any to completion!

A little bit about who I am: I'm a Node.js & AngularJS web developer currently working at Message Systems in Columbia, MD. I've been working full-time in the tech industry for the last 6 years, but I fell in love with the Web and started programming against it around 13 years ago. I started out my career primarily working with JavaScript & PHP, while working with the Drupal Content Management System. I built a couple of high-traffic sites using that platform, from the World Food Programme to the 2008 WhiteHouse.gov redesign along with a very talented team of developers. Later I worked for NPR.org, again doing a lot of JavaScript development alongside PHP. I worked on some fun projects while I was there, and I worked on a small sub-team to reimplement parts of the backend & frontend code in the responsive redesign of NPR.org. I also started working with Node.js on some smaller projects around that time, and started getting into MVVC JavaScript frameworks like Knockout.js as well.

I'm now working with a lot of newer technologies in my work at Message Systems, utilizing an all-javascript stack with Node.js on the backend and AngularJS on the frontend. I'm writing automated tests (unit & functional), and using task runner tools like Grunt to automate common tasks and build steps. I'm working with a lot of non-RDBMS data stores like Vertica, ElasticSearch, and Cassandra lately, as the software I'm writing moves more into the space of needing to scale outside of smaller clusters or single machine instances.

If any of this sounds interesting, these are the kinds of topics I plan on writing about on this site, so welcome to The Attic! Feel free to reach out to me on GitHub, LinkedIn, or Twitter if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback.

This site uses the following open-source components, and could not exist without them:

  • Twitter Bootstrap, a CSS framework that makes it easy for even a lowly developer like me to turn out something that looks halfway decent.
  • Jekyll, a blogging-centric static site generator. This series of HTML pages is organized much nicer behind the scenes, check it out at github.
  • Octopress, for deploying this site and other excellent convenience features when working with a Jekyll site.
  • Font Awesome, an icon font that I use to provide some small graphics and the social networking icons.
  • jQuery, for some of the Twitter Bootstrap built-ins.
  • Prism.js, for code highlighting blocks.
  • Bebas Neue Font, for the text in the title bar of the site.

Hello, I'm Andrew Winder. I work at Message Systems as a Senior Software Engineer, and I blog here about AngularJS, Node.js, and other technical topics. All opinions are my own.